Our Customer's Stories

  • Top 10 tips on personalised gifts

    1. • Find some quiet time to plan what you want to say on your gift, don't input your order while driving, or on the school run!
    2. •Check the name spelling, lots of names are spelt very differently i.e. May, Mae, Mai
    3. •Consider the date format DD/MM/YY or DD Month YYYY, if you have a special date i.e. 15 May 2015, it could look better as 15-5-15 on your gift to make it more memorable.
    4. • If the gift is for two people then put a ampersand between the names. " John & Charlotte", will look better than "John and Charlotte".
    5. • A gift for one person could be" John's Memoirs", so don't forget the apostrophe. If your name ends in an "S" then you do not need the extra "s" i.e. Ross' rather than Ross's.
    6. • Short messages have more impact than long rambling statements. A short message of "Congratulations your'e engaged" on the front of a gift will look better than "Many congratulations on your engagement".
    7. •Always check your personalisation details before you submit the order. Writing it down really helps
    8. • If you are putting Mum and Dad, Grandma, Nannie, Granddad, they have do have a leading capital letter.
    9. • Don't put text moblie phone text endings in your messages ie.): they look great on your phone but don't translate too well onto gifts. Any graphical characters ie. smiiley faces don't engrave correctly in messages.
    10. •Check the spelling and count spaces, if a character will take up space on your gift and the space character does, it counts but CHECK THE SPELLING!

      One last thing which is very important. Don't forget the kisses on the end of your message

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  • We wanted a roundound Cheeseboard engraved with our names, wedding venue and date to display our wedding cheesecake on.

    We wanted a roundound Cheeseboard engraved with our names, wedding venue and date to display our wedding cheesecake on. A massive thank you for our engraved cheese board it looked amazing on our wedding day with our cheese wedding cake! It's also a lovely keepsake and I'm sure we'll be serving cheese off it for years to come! Again many thanks, especially for turning it around so quickly and for the friendly service too. Here's some pics of the cheese board on show

    . Many thanks Laura & Graeme

  • Mr Marks needed a special finishing touch to the galley on his yacht

    So he had his yacht's name engraved across the top of our our oak cheeseboard with a rope handle. Hi Yvonne, Further to our phone call, just to confirm the boat will be on the lower left side and the rope handle on the right. Many thanks, Ben We have since done cheeseboards with beech hut names all sorts of images to complement your caravans, motorhomes, holiday cottages, boats of all sizes and descriptions. So if you want to add something special to your special retreat or caravan. Or a very memorable gift for a friend who ownes a beech hut, boat or caravan.

    If you require a bespoke gift please contact us at info@woodenkeepsakes.co.uk. Please Note: Bespoke design will incur a design charge.

  • Celebrating 5 years free from Cancer

    This is for my friend and my Mum who are both 5 years clear from cancer within weeks of each other and I think that this lovely keepsake will be a nice acknowledgment of it and they can see it every day hanging somewhere in their homes. thanks again, Fiona